The Duo Zappa.Mainolfi have just become patrons of the JYOC (14th march 2011)

For donations please visit:

Dear Matt and Massi,

Thanks so much for your email. I am still so super excited about the developments over the last couple of weeks. Thank you so much for your amazing contribution. The kids absolutely loved the concert and have been tremendously motivated by it. We are all so proud to have such special patrons and look forward to a very exciting future with your involvement. We can’t wait for your next visit and I look forward to working much more interactively with you with things like workshops etc.

I wish both of you every success in the future and may you continue to touch peoples’ lives in the way you have touched ours!

Kind regards,

Susan Rendal
(The Orchestra Company - Chief Executive Officer)
email sent on 17th March 2011


The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation - Zurich supported our Soweto Project and our Carnegie Hall benefit concert (7th of Nov. 2009)

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